Hello I have had a busy day today. I listed a few items this morning on eBay but they don’t seem to be doing as well this week. I sold a top and someone has complained as they thought it was a different colour. The picture clearly shows it being brown and they thought it was black I had to offer to give them their money back or they would give me bad feedback that’s why eBay bugs me at times. But it’s a way of getting some extra money.

Bailey is driving me mad when I was making tea he pinched some dry spaghetti from the cupboard and was wandering around the kitchen eating it and I have just put my tea on the coffee Table and next minute he was munching on my enchiladas. He is so cute he gets away with it.

My parents took me out for dinner today and then  I went to my friends to watch the France match. It’s been a nice day and the best day so far since my operation. My back isn’t feeling great though. We are now watching the Brazil v Belgium match. I am glad Brazil are losing as Neymar’s theatrics  have been too much this year.

Not heard a word from my daughter today and the lack of abuse has been refreshing. I have been laughing as my daughters dads ex girlfriend  has put a quote in Facebook about a narcissist. So it’s not just me who think he is one. Anyway on the note i will leave you and I will speak to you tomorrow xx