i had finally had enough yesterday and decided that maybe tough love is the next stage and if not I might keep my sanity.  I ring my parents for advice and it dawned on me that they have been through this once before. With me as a teenager. I feel a great sense of remorse as at the time I didn’t care in the slightest about my parents. I just knew so much better and wanted to do things my way.  I can never remember my mum begging me to come home and never remember them falling to pieces.

I went back to my parents eventually when I finally found out that I didn’t know it all and didn’t leave home until I was 30.  We are very close now and speak every day.

Things wont change overnight she needs to make her own mistakes and in a the end we may hopefully have a better relationship where she actually respects me. As no respect in the relationship is a grounding for failure.

Onwards ans upwards