Hello it’s a late one today. It’s was my boyfriend sons prom so we went to see him in his suit and car he looked really nice.  Then I had a melt down.  I went to the Doctots as I was stressing that my back isnt great still. He said you have had a major operation and I need to give it time.  It isn’t too slow but I need not to push myself too much.  I think I am getting stressed as I am due to return to work late next week. I think I need to relax and go with the flow.  The doctor says he will give me another sick note next week if I need one.

I angry with my son over next to nothing.  I think it had all got to me.  My daughter contacted me today for the Netflix password I told her that she can’t even speak to me with respect so if she wants Netflix she can pay herself.  She then blocked me for the hundredth time this month. I think enough is enough.  She can contact me when she is nice to me and if not then she can stay away.  I think I was also stressing that m son he will leave me too.  He assured me he is happy and we had a hug, he is 15 and doesn’t hug very often but it was just what we both needed.

I just asked by boyfriend what the dog was chewing he said your toothbrush.  Typical and Bailey has the worse breath ever,  maybe he is a bit conscious of his breath and wants to sort it out. Either way it cheered me up.

Right I had better go as Love Island is on