Hello, it’s been another hot day today.  The whole of England is recovering from England’s penalty shootout last night and there will be many a sore head today after the celebrations of the win.  Personally I haven’t touched alcohol for a while now.  I am taking a lot of painkillers for my back and I would be stupid to do so.  We are all looking forward to Saturday when England play their next match against Sweden,  I did mention yesterday that I had a soft spot for Sweden, but I won’t have one on Saturday.

My daughter started a new part time job yesterday and I texted her last night to see how she has gone on.  I could see she had read the message, but she didn’t have the decency to reply,  so I think forget it.  It’s not worth me stressing and getting upset anymore.  Although I had spend half of the day thinking about it.  That’s a problem with having a brain like mine.  I just can’t switch it off.  Sometimes I wish I had an off switch and I would get a little bit of rest.  I even contacted work to say I am quietly going mad at home.  It will be 5 weeks tomorrow.  I said I wasn’t fit to return to work but could they send me some work home.  I was told that they will be in touch, but I haven’t heard anything yet. I will have to try and occupy my mind.

At the moment I can not concentrate on anything long enough.  I sat in the garden for a while with my kindle which was nice.

Arguments really affect me and waves of sadness keep wafting over me.  I can be ok one moment and wanting to cry the other.  The crying hasn’t been anythink like yesterday so all I can think onwards and upwards.  Going to chill in front of a film till my son returns from school and suggest a walk to the shop.

Goodbye for now and I will catch up with you tomorrow xxxxx

ps. Had a bit of bad news my mum has a mole on her nose that the dermatologist is going to test as he is worried that it might be cancerous.  It is scheduled for the 19th. Fingers crossed she is ok as she has had breast cancer before but recovered well