I am in need of a bit of therapy so I am writing my feelings on here.  I am still feeling very sad and upset about my daughter.  I don’t hold grudges and always forgive as you should never go to sleep on an argument.  Life can change in an instant and we shouldn’t waste anytime with our loved ones.  This is how I have always thought and always tried to bring my children up that way.  Forgiving someone after an argument isn’t a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength to get over obstacles and move on after resolving situations.  To a lot of people it’s a weakness.

Today I was looking on Facebook as I usually do.  I don’t post a lot these days but like to see what is going on with my friends.  I often get the quotes I find of Facebook, anyway one of my friends lost her daughter as a teenager.  She was in the prime of her life and was so tragic. She often posts pictures of her daughter and I often wonder how she has the strength to get on with her life as I am sure I would crumble.  Today she had posted some pictures and they make me sad on a number of levels.  I felt sad she had died and sorry for her mother, but I also felt sad about my relationship with my daughter.  I love her so much and terrible things can happen in the blink of an eye.  I want to speak to her and tell her how much I love her and that it’s silly falling out over silly things, but I know it isn’t the answer.

I am going to carry on and let her get on with her life,  by doing that I don’t love her any less.  I just can’t communicate with her at the moment.  I think of her all the time.  I see her mess around the house and in her room and it breaks my heart.  I just hope she realises that arguments are silly and by making up and resolving arguments doesn’t make you a weak person.