Does any one else have a problem with odd socks.  In our house we never have a pair of socks and have a bag full of odd socks, I haven’t a clue where the odd sock had gone.  Does anyone know?  While my boyfriend was at work the sock fairy came and paired the socks up and she had two little helpers CD4E1478-63A5-489F-96D7-4FEF00D1A02F096278EC-2CEB-4269-A24B-D4E5CCD5C09CDC96D24A-717E-4C07-8245-AD92AEBFCCFAC9413350-85CD-4E63-BB3D-6FB9B261CF96231795A7-34FF-48F8-9A80-788188DD7B05719249FE-F47E-4E9E-A265-2669D82D224A

We still have a bag full of odd socks but enough to keep us busy till the fairy comes again