I have been recommending a few products that I like and want to share my views with other people.  As some of you are aware I have been suffering for a nerve problem and chronic back pain for a number of years.  I have now had an operation and I hope that the back problems are now behind me.  After a hard days work I love  to soak in the bath.  I love to use Radox and muscle soak which  is one of the  fragrances.  All you need to do is pour the bubble bath under a warm tap and the bubbles will fill the bath.  They also have other fragrances.  See the images below for more details.


As you will see there are fragrances for every mood, whether you are tired, stressed or just want a bit of indulgence and want to relax in the bath with candles.

The best bit of this is the price.  I have managed to pick these up from stores like Home Bargains and Wilkinson’s for as little as 99p for a bottle.  Each bottle lasts for about 10-15 baths,  A small price to pay for a little luxury and indulgence.

Give you self a treat with a small price tag