I have had years for abuse from my ex partner, whether it’s physical or mental.  In recent years it’s been mental.  I have brought 2 children up on my own for many years.  As many of you may be aware my daughter has moved out to live with her Dad.  He has been a nightmare telling me how much of a failure I am.  These words cut deep as I have struggled for many years believing what he has said,  I now have lost my daughter and he will be telling her the same things about me.

I have been a good mum and tried to make a stable and nice home for my daughter.  I am not a failure and I have to believe that.  I have to cut myself off from it all and live my life.  I hope one day my daughter will realise how much I love her and that everything I have done over the years has been for her. I have done this despite the cruel nasty words that I have had to contend with.

Deep down I know that her Dad abuses others to he feels better about himself.  It’s a power trip and as I am a sensitive caring person I believe what he says,  I love my daughter and would do anything for her but she has to make her own mistakes and hopefully she won’t be brainwashed completely and see what I have done over the years,

It’s so hard being a Mum especially in these circumstances and one day I really hope to have a relationship with my daughter.  I am sure many people feel the same and are going through the same situation.  We can’t let them win and need to look into our hearts and know that we have spent every waking hour doing our best and raising our children to be wonderful grounded adults.  Our kind and loving influence with have made a mark somewhere and all the love, time effort and compassion will make are children into better adults.

I just need my daughter to hear these words “I love you !!!!!! “