I am glad that I have waited until tonight before writing thus diary and I bet so are you.  If I had done it earlier you would have been looking for things sharpest knife  or the highest cliff to jump off.  It wasn’t a good start to the day as my ex has decided not to give me any money anymore.  The amount  was an insult anyway but even that amount is too much apparently   I decided I would tell my ex and daughter that as a result of this I would have to stop paying for anything for her like mobile phone contract, gym and season ticket.  Me and my children are big football fans and hold a season ticket to a local premier league club.  I got a tirade of abuse from my ex and my daughter won’t speak to me and hasn’t since I gave her some money for the prom on  Friday.

It really upset me, but I have had a lot of good advise from friends and relatives and feel more positive.  My friend invited me to her house and we watched the Brazil and Mexico game.  I have a knack this World Cup of supporting every team that ends up loosing,  I have supported Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Mexico and Japan tonight.  As I have just typed this Belgium have equalised after being down two goals so it looks like I have given Japan the kiss of death too.  I might just not watch the England match tomorrow as I think I am bad luck.

Whilst at my friends a butterfly flew through the window and she screamed.  I ended up saving her and the butterfly’s life by getting a cup and  a card and catching the butterfly and emptying out of the window I was quite proud of myself.  By this time my mood lightened and had a quite enjoyable evening with my son  and boyfriend.  I have also liked the quotes I have come across and posted today.  They have really meant something and maybe sent a signal of hope and to sit back and enjoy life.  Things will come good I am sure of it.

I am going to lie down and rest my back.  Good night and I will speak to you tomorrow xxxx