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Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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Purple Hair

Have you ever wondered how to get your blonde hair to be a hint of purple without putting a dye on it. Some of you may have noticed that you can buy purple shampoo in the shops. The purple shampoo is designed to get rid of the brassy blonde and yellow tones and tone the shade down.

Rather than toning the shade down I wanted a purple hint. I therefore followed the following steps.

1. I put on latex gloves and you can end up with purple hands

2.  I put a small amount of water on my hair so it was damp and not wet

3. I put the shampoo all over my hair I didn’t let the shampoo get suds I put it on thicker than that. I was careful not to get the shampoo on my face as it can again dye the skin.

4. I left this on my hair for 20 minutes and then washed it off. You may need to repeat a few times to get the desired shade. I did this about 3 times a week until I got the colour that I wanted.

5. I found the best brand of shampoo to use is fudge purple shampoo. It is quite expensive but it is worth it.

Please see below a screen shot from the Look Fantastic website. It is available from  other on line retailers


Be careful as the purple tone is noticeable and it may cause problems if your work or school has a strict dress code. Also be careful not to yet the shampoo on clothing or anything light in colour as it might permanently dye the material or surface.

Give ir a try.

Fight for your happiness

Daily diary – Enough is enough


Its another beautiful day.  I managed to order some garden loungers last night so we can pick these up tomorrow.  The weather is still looking nice for the weekend, but knowing my luck the summer will end tomorrow lunch time.  As I have a lot of people who read the blog I was hesitating as whether to call the meal at the middle of the day.  As a northern girl I would call it dinner, but most people say dinner is at tea time and it’s lunch in the middle of the day.  Me and my friends often discuss this but we all have different opinions.

I had a telephone call this morning from my daughters dad.  He started the phone call in a really cocky and arrogant manner.  Something finally clicked in my head.  Enough is enough.  I told him not to talk to me this way and put the phone down. I believe he had called to arrange for me to see my daughter tomorrow in her prom dress.  He has always been a bully and tried to control my life while we were together for 13 years and after we split up when through the children.  He now has managed to achieve the power that he has always been after.  He had the power to tell me what to do if I want to see my daughter in her prom dress.

I have decided it is just one more day like every other day.  I am sure I will see my daughter on social media but I can not take this anymore I am not grovelling to anyone anymore.  They have made their decision and that is to alienate me and they must deal with the consequences and now it’s time to think of me, my partner and my son.  These last few months have been hell.  I have been called every name under the son and I had enough.  Even if my daughter rings me and asks me to see her in her dress I am not going as she will be cocky in front of her friends and make me look stupid.

its time for me to leave them to it.  I know I have said this before but this time I am going to be firm and strong, not a victim anymore.

I have been listing a lot of items on eBay for the last few days,  I have also done a number of surveys and have been keeping myself busy trying to earn a bit of money.  I did an online shop with Asda the other day.  I have just looked on Asda price guarantee and I have saved nearly £8 off my next order,  I have a number of items that are due to finish their online auction tomorrow and I will let you know how I have gone on.  I am also taking part in an online snacking survey.  I have done this through Panel Opinion and the survey lasts for a number of days.  At the end of it you earn £15.00.  I am keeping my eye out for a number of other surveys and money making opportunities.

I am going now.  Speak tomorrow xxxxx

We fall in love with 3 people in our life time, this is the 3 stages

Quote of the day – power of positivity

That is so annoying !!!!!!

I don’t know if it is just me but I have a number of phrases and habits that really annoy me.  As a my boyfriend feels the need to say these all the time, as he loves winding me up.  My mistake was telling this they annoy me.  Let me know what annoys you! Comment on the blog.  I will be interested to know if it is just me that is intolerant


  1.  It is what it is
  2. twenty four seven
  3. one hundred and ten percent



  1.  Sniffing and not blowing your nose


I will add to these when I remember more as for some reason my mind has gone blank.

As you will see this is another example of my over active mind and the fact that my brain never rests.  I also have lots of random stuff that comes into my head.  This is why my blog is quite random

Recommended television programs – Love Island

I watched the last series of Love Island and was glued to it every night.  It has taken some getting into this series, but we are glued to the screens again.   My boyfriend always protests when I watch reality tv and says that he is being a really good partner watching it with me.  By the end of the series he is as glued as me and he even shushes me when I am talking when it’s on.  He says that I must never tell his mates this dirty little secret about him.

Love Island is a television series which is currently being screened on ITV 2 .  A number of single boys and girls share a villa in Majorca with the idea of finding the ideal partner and falling in love.   Along the way obstacles are thrown it their path and other singles are introduced.  The object is to couple up with each other.  The couple who usually aren’t classed as a great couple are evicted from the villa.  The winning couple will be voted on after 8 weeks.

This years series has been funny as it has been more like fight club than Love Island, A number of couples have been arguing and fighting and there was an eviction last night that was really controversial.  The public voted on the best couples in the villa. The bottom 3 couples were then voted as to who was to be evicted by the other members in the villa that had been saved by the general public.  The girls voted on the boy to go and the boys voted on the girl to go.  The girls voted on Eyal, who was the best looking boy in the villa to leave the villa. This wasn’t too bad.  The boys voted for Zara to go, she was part of a couple who really liked each other and looked like they would have a future together.  This left zara’s Partner Adam in the villa,  it will be interesting to see if he couples up with someone else or waits until he leaves the villa ans reunites with Zara.   I suspect he will meet someone else as he has been a bit of a love rat so far.

Tonight 6 new boys and 6 new girls are introduced into the villa.  The couples who are already together will be split up for a few days and the girls will go in a new villa with the new boys and the boys stay in the old villa I suspect with the new girls.  This will test the relationships that are in place.  It should be really interesting viewing.

Love Island is on ITV2 at around 9 pm every evening except Saturday so tune in and see if you love it as much as me.  It’s another guilty pleasure, especially if you are my boyfriend, ha ha.

We are so going to try this tomorrow with the Puggles

Enjoy every moment in life

Daily diary – we have very hot puggles 27/06/2018

Hello it’s been a very busy day today.  We have been on the sun lounger hunt.  As the weather has been beautiful there is no where within a 20 mile radius that we can buy a sun lounger.  Us brits tend to go rushing out buying garden equipment as soon as we have nice weather.  Which doesn’t happen a lot.  We have had an unusually nice summer so far and it is forecast to be nice for at least another week.  I am very fortunate that I am off work for 6 weeks after my back operation.  It’s been too hot for Bailey and Lily.  They have finally stopped humping each other thank goodness I don’t know whether the heat has played a part in this.

Last night my boyfriend came home from work and straight to bed.  He said he felt like he was dying.  I couldn’t work out if he was being overly dramatic and he was suffering from the man flu equivalent or he was feeling really ill.  I am not the most sympathetic girlfriend when he is ill but he has really been good with me while I have been off or so I had to play the dutiful girlfriend.  I even got a cold towel to put on his head.  Well actually I could find a towel so I used one of his socks.  It was clean  though so not too bad.

I think I was too eager last night when I put the nice thing that my daughter put on Facebook as she blocked my texts this morning when I disagreed with something she said.  She then unblocked me and asked me to lend her £10.00 when I said no I was blocked again.  Before she blocked me she said don’t even think you are seeing me in my prom dress.  It’s become farcical now and I am getting fed up of her throwing her toys out of the Pam every tine she doesn’t get her own way,  I am getting mad now rather than upset.  I have spent too long being upset and believe if she wants to behave this way then so be it I am not loosing any more sleep or wasting any more energy worrying about it.  As you would imagine I have spent hours over thinking the situation and coming up with all different problems and scenarios.  My boyfriend said today that he could see my brain whirling around and overthinking.  He said that he believes there must be two brains in there the amount of thinking I do.

I made a salad for tea today.  I haven’t mentioned that I am the most accident prone person in the world.  Anyway I was boiling some potatoes for the salad and I set the tea towel on fire.  It really took hold quickly because I was wafting it to put the flames out.  Luckily my boyfriend came along and put it out.  The disaster was averted.

Anyway it’s time to say goodbye for the day.  Speak soon xxxx

ps I forgot to mention I slipped down the last four steps coming down stairs last night.  I managed to stop myself hitting my back too hard, but I have carpet burns on both elbows.  It’s not a good look.

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