I watched the last series of Love Island and was glued to it every night.  It has taken some getting into this series, but we are glued to the screens again.   My boyfriend always protests when I watch reality tv and says that he is being a really good partner watching it with me.  By the end of the series he is as glued as me and he even shushes me when I am talking when it’s on.  He says that I must never tell his mates this dirty little secret about him.

Love Island is a television series which is currently being screened on ITV 2 .  A number of single boys and girls share a villa in Majorca with the idea of finding the ideal partner and falling in love.   Along the way obstacles are thrown it their path and other singles are introduced.  The object is to couple up with each other.  The couple who usually aren’t classed as a great couple are evicted from the villa.  The winning couple will be voted on after 8 weeks.

This years series has been funny as it has been more like fight club than Love Island, A number of couples have been arguing and fighting and there was an eviction last night that was really controversial.  The public voted on the best couples in the villa. The bottom 3 couples were then voted as to who was to be evicted by the other members in the villa that had been saved by the general public.  The girls voted on the boy to go and the boys voted on the girl to go.  The girls voted on Eyal, who was the best looking boy in the villa to leave the villa. This wasn’t too bad.  The boys voted for Zara to go, she was part of a couple who really liked each other and looked like they would have a future together.  This left zara’s Partner Adam in the villa,  it will be interesting to see if he couples up with someone else or waits until he leaves the villa ans reunites with Zara.   I suspect he will meet someone else as he has been a bit of a love rat so far.

Tonight 6 new boys and 6 new girls are introduced into the villa.  The couples who are already together will be split up for a few days and the girls will go in a new villa with the new boys and the boys stay in the old villa I suspect with the new girls.  This will test the relationships that are in place.  It should be really interesting viewing.

Love Island is on ITV2 at around 9 pm every evening except Saturday so tune in and see if you love it as much as me.  It’s another guilty pleasure, especially if you are my boyfriend, ha ha.