Have you ever wondered how to get your blonde hair to be a hint of purple without putting a dye on it. Some of you may have noticed that you can buy purple shampoo in the shops. The purple shampoo is designed to get rid of the brassy blonde and yellow tones and tone the shade down.

Rather than toning the shade down I wanted a purple hint. I therefore followed the following steps.

1. I put on latex gloves and you can end up with purple hands

2.  I put a small amount of water on my hair so it was damp and not wet

3. I put the shampoo all over my hair I didn’t let the shampoo get suds I put it on thicker than that. I was careful not to get the shampoo on my face as it can again dye the skin.

4. I left this on my hair for 20 minutes and then washed it off. You may need to repeat a few times to get the desired shade. I did this about 3 times a week until I got the colour that I wanted.

5. I found the best brand of shampoo to use is fudge purple shampoo. It is quite expensive but it is worth it.

Please see below a screen shot from the Look Fantastic website. It is available from  other on line retailers


Be careful as the purple tone is noticeable and it may cause problems if your work or school has a strict dress code. Also be careful not to yet the shampoo on clothing or anything light in colour as it might permanently dye the material or surface.

Give ir a try.