I have a love for cosmetics and get a number of beauty boxes every month.  I get Cohorted, Glossybox and Birchbox.  It is quite extravagant, but I don’t smoke, or go out much so this is my thing.  I often find products in these boxes that I love and buy once I have run out of the sample. One of these is Balance Me Pure Skin Face wash.

I tend to have a slightly greasy skin. It’s not too bad but this cleanser gets rid of the greasy feel and makes my skin feel clean and refreshed.  I tend to use the cleanser once a day and put a small amount in my hands and use it like s soap.  The claim on the bottle says it cleanses, balances ans refreshes and this is exactly what it does.

See below the ingredients that I have obtained from the balance me website


The product is mainly available online. You can buy the product from Balance me directly or from a number of online retailers such as Look Fantastic or Feel Unique. See below and image that I have obtained from the Balance Me website and the cost of the cleanser from Balance me is £16.00 for 125 ml.


Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Please be aware that all my recommendations are my personal recommendations and I receive no payment for recommending the product.