Hello, sorry for the doom and gloom yesterday. I had a bad one unfortunately and spent most of the afternoon crying. The situation with my daughter really upset me. I can’t take her for her make up and hair doing for the prom and she is holding it against me. Even though she has been awful with me I still felt guilty. She has a way of making me feel like that.

I saw a text that popped up on my iPad that she sent her dad. Somehow I have been getting her messages. She called me a bitch and said I keep moaning about my back. I realised how selfish she is and it was just the push I needed to pull myself together. I had put myself out to take her and really suffered and still are suffering for sitting in one position for 2 hours. As I result I didn’t get to sleep till 3 am as I was in pain.

I get on well with her dads girlfriend and she says she will take her and she is pushing for My daughter to let me see her before the prom.

Its another hot day today. It’s too hot for the dogs so we can only go out in short bursts. I had kept the dogs separate all day and we took our eye off the ball and they sloped off  together. I went looking for them and they were in the lichen panting and wagging their tails and smiling. All that was missing was Bailey smoking a cigarette.

I have  to make some money as I have a lot to pay for in the next few weeks so I have listed some items on eBay and Vinted another selling site. I will do a review on Vinted  shortly. I will let you know how I go on. I have a massive pile of clothes to sell so I think I should use my time listing these. I am terrible with eBay as I hate posting them. I think it’s laziness as the post office is literally 5 minutes walk away. It will kill two birds with one stone as I need to walk to strengthen my back.

Right I am off now see you tomorrow xxxxxx