I used to have another dog. He was part Jack Russell, part spaniel and part Shih Tzu And was the most gorgeous puppy you could ever imagine. He was called Riley.

One day I took my daughter to the doctors and I had a telephone call from one of my neighbours. He said my sons friend had left the door open and rhe dog had got out. I live a few hundred yards from a busy road and the dog had decided to go for a walk/. He was knocked down and killed instantly.  We arranged for him to be cremated have his ashes in a box with a piece of his fur and his collar.

We were all heartbroken. It was a terrible experience and Riley was only 7 months old. We all went through a period of grieving and our home felt empty without him.  We could never replace him but we got Lily about a month later as we hated coming home with no dog to greet us.  We chose Lily as she was completely different to Riley.

The second picture was taken the day he died.

For a longtime I couldn’t look at his pictures but when I look at them now I feel sad but he was a lovely dog and we loved him very much.  We had a lot of memories despite only having him for a matter of months. I had a lot of emotions about the accident and blamed myself as if I had been at home that day it wouldn’t have happened.

We are very careful now with Lily and Bailey. Dogs become family and part of your lives  we love them very much.