Hello, there is one thing about my life.  You never get bored.  There is always something happening.  I didn’t write my diary yesterday as I caught a bug and had a terrible stomach.  I was ill all day and haven’t eaten yet today as I don’t to feel ill again today.

It was an eventful weekend.  Even if it was us splitting the dogs up all day.  We went to visit a relative and my son telephoned to say that the dogs were stuck together again.  It looks like there will definatly be puppies on the way!!!!!

On Sunday night my son was playing out with his friends and I looked out of the window and say a fire engine driving through the village.  I immediately rang my son and it was him.  He had lit a small fire in the woods and a taxi driver passing had called the fire brigade despite them putting it out.  Needless to say he was in big trouble.

Today I took my daughter to pick her prom dress up.  I am still not driving so my father took us.  I was a two hour return journey and i haven’t been in the car for that length of time and my back was killing me.  My daughter was totally ungrateful as usual.  It really upset me.  It stuck me that she doesn’t care one bit about me and the time, tears and money that it has taken over the past 16 years.  Her father has done next to nothing and I have struggled and got myself into debt to try and bring the children up.  He has now steps in and he is wonderful cause he gave her £30 this week.  My daughter used to dance and I spent hours and hours and thousands of pounds, but what I do is just expected of me.  I have been on a downer as a result of this and have spent the afternoon crying.  It hurts terribly but i will have to put it behind me and as my boyfriend says live our lives.  He says its our time and he is right.  I just hope one day she realises this and we can have a relationship again

The weather is blazing here and i am going to spend half an hour sitting in the sun and try and pull myself together before my son and partner comes home.

Sorry for the doom and gloom.  I am sure things will book up tomorrow.

Bye for now xxxxxxxx Speak tomorrow