I have decided I am going to recommend some products from now on.

Our favourite chocolate is marvellous creations from Cadbury’s it’s cost £2:00 from Tesco’s but is worth every penny.

Cadbury’s describe it as “A scrumptiously shareable combination of fruity flavour jellies, crispy coated cocoa bites, a crackle of popping candy, and Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate – all in one marvellous creation!” And it’s as good as it sounds.

Me and my boyfriend share a bar when we fancy some chocolate and we always end up bickering before the end of it.  As he eats it too quickly and I like to savour every piece and enjoy them slowly.  I can’t do that as if I do he eats three quarters to my quarter. Therefore my tip is to buy a bar and sit down for a good movie and eat it on your own do not share it.

The mixture of the popping candy and the jelly beans is heavenly and not too sickly as you would imagine it.  Give it a try.

I am recommending producets that I like and no one is influencing my choices.