I thought I would have a day off yesterday.  It was a bit of a funny day really.  My boyfriend had booked the day off as i was supposed to be at my best friends wedding yesterday.  In fact I was supposed to be a bridesmaid.  As I have had a back operation I didn’t think i was up to it after my operation so i told her that i wasn’t able to do it.  I was very disapointed.  Anyway my boyfriend went to work as he thought he had cancelled the day, but he hadn’t so we had the day together .  The weather was nice and we sat in the garden for a bit.

We have a big problem.  Lily the puggle has come on heat.  We were not expecting this and we didn’t think that Bailey was old enough to perform.  We were wrong.  we spend the day splitting them up.  we took our eye off the ball for 5 minutes while watching football. They were in the kitchen stuck together.  we have read up on it and its a common thing.  They can be stuck together for up to 40 minutes.  We had to try and keep them calm and after 10 minutes they were free.  So it looks like we will have puppies on the way.  We had thought about them breeding and decided against this but we left getting Lily neutered too late.  Whoops.

I was told off all day, light hearted obviously as i am a bit of a pain.  If I am told to do something I do the opposite.  My boyfriend kept saying.  “You need to walk around”.  “You have been sat up too long “.  It was hardwork, roll on Monday.  I am only joking I enjoy every minute I spend with him.

My daughter has just texted me as she thinks she might come home to visit tonight.  i have messaged her back and said are you going to be nice and behave.  She hasn’t got back to me so we will see.  It will be nice as its ages since I have seen her but, she is only coming back if she can behave.

Right better get dressed and watch the dogs in the garden don’t want any more mishaps.  Although I don’t think it will matter any way.

Bye for now.  Speak tomorrow xxxxx