Overthinking is something that I have suffered from for a number of years.  I can’t remember when it first started or whether I have always been an overthinker, but it has only been recently that I realised that I have a problem.  I always thought that I was just a worrier.

Overthinking is when you spend too long and too much time thinking.  Overthinking can be beating yourself up about something that has already happened, about to happen or something that someone has said.  It can just be a flippant comment that a person makes, but you analyse it and think a ot and too much about it. You build up scenarios in your head.  An example of this is a conversation I had with my boyfriend he said “ I am fed up of being skint all the time”.  I took this personally and  had lots of thoughts running through my head.

– Does  he blame me because we have no money ?

– Is he sick of me cause I have no money?

– Does he blame me ?

– Does he wish he had never met me?

It sounds irrational but this is how my brain works.  I said to him “sorry” he said “why are you sorry cause it’s not your fault”.  To a rational person that would end the worrying and overthinking, but to me I think is he just saying that? And then I carry on overthinking the situation until I find something else to overthink.  My brain is always busy. I think it works overtime.

It sounds stupid but I really struggle controlling this.

Overthinking can be debilitating and can have a serious effect on your health.

  1.  It can make you anxious
  2. It can affect your mood and make you snappy
  3. It can stop you sleeping as you can spend your time worrying
  4. It can affect you problem solving
  5. it can make you miserable.
  6. it can affect your concentration.

There are more, but I could go on all day.

I once had a conversation; with my doctor and we were discussing my irrational fear that I can’t be too happy unless something bad happens.  I felt the need to prepare myself for this.  He said something that has stuck with me ever since and it has really helped me. “ would you feel any better about the situation, if you have prepared yourself”.  My answer was “no”.  He said “why ruin your life and spoil the chance of being happy? Enjoy life and deal with the situation when it presents itself”.  That comment has helped me a lot and I think about what he said many times a week.  I a, also a worrier but I think they go hand in hand.

There a number of ways you can help yourself with overthinking and I will list these in another post I write soon.

If any of you have any comments or questions please message me.  I am not an expert by any means and I have no medical training.  I am a sufferer and have a number of years of experience in the problem and maybe of some help.