Hello, I have felt the best today than I have since the operation.  The weather has been nice and I think we are due a heatwave next week.  I am conscious that a number of my readers live in lovely warm countries.  A heatwave for us is about 22 -23 degrees.  We are used to it being rainy so a bit of sun is great.  I am going to spend as much times as I can in the garden with the dogs, Lily and Bailey and try and get a bit of a tan as I don’t think we will get a holiday this year.  I have a sick note for 6 weeks so I can’t exactly go back to work and then ask for a some time off for a holiday.  Also I might have mentioned I don’t get sick pay, which is unusual but I have taken 2 weeks holidays or we would be really struggling.

My daughter has her graduation next week.  In the UK graduations have only just become a big deal.  She has picked a lovely white dress and she was supposed to be going on Monday with my parents to pick it up.  Unfortunately due to me and her falling out my mum said she wasn’t taking her.  Even though I am very angry with my daughter I am unable to take her as I can’t drive and it was secretly worrying me.  Anyway this morning my mum has agreed to take her.  My daughter has been quite nice to me today and I am hoping that maybe she has finally come to her senses and we can get back on track.  I am still leaving the ball in her court and will let her decide as to how much contact we are going to have. I can’t forget what has happened but I will have to put this behind me.

I didn’t have a great relationship with my mum growing up and we clashed a lot.  I was a nightmare according to her.  She said I was trouble between the ages of 13 and 30.  I hope my daughter doesn’t take that long to sort her help out.

My boyfriend has said I should be walking every day to strengthen my back.  I know this is what the physio said but I think I have been a bit down and didn’t have the motivation to do so.  I have made myself get dressed done a bit of cleaning and I am going to go for a walk now.  Only a short one though.

Bye for now, speak tomorrow xxxxxxxxx