I have recently been watching Stacey Dooley investigates.  She is a journalist who investigates social issues that affect young people.  The program a BBC programme..

I have just watched the World worst place to be a woman which was reporting on the social and political situation for woman in Honduras.  Honduras is a very dangerous place to be a woman.  Many woman are raped and killed every year.  Stacey interviewed a number of men, who had committed rapes and murders and they showed no remorse, which was very shocking.  It alarming that many men believe that the women deserved to be killed as they had disobeyed the men. The macho culture believes that violence against women is acceptable.  The documentary gave an alarming statistic that fewer than 3% of domestic violence case find the abuser punished.

Stacey also interviewed a female gang member who had killed over 40 people mainly women and children and again she showed very little remorse.

The programme was very thought provoking.  It was also interesting the see how people in different parts of the world lives and the dangers and struggles that they face.  It’s a great watch.