its a lovely day today the sun is shining and I think I will sit in the garden for a bit later.

I got 4 new followers yesterday. I hope my blog can help people in some way.

Yesterday my daughter rang me all nice.  I hadn’t heard from her since Saturday morning.  She said that her friend had rung her and she wants to book a holiday with her family and wanted my daughter to go too.  We had discussed this a few months ago and she said she would get a job and I would loan her the money.  This was before I had my back operation and before my daughter had behaved the way she had and moved to her dads.  She told me that the hotel room was £600 plus the flight.

I told her that there was no chance that I could afford it and in any event she didn’t deserve a holiday and that I wouldn’t be paying for this.  All hell broke loose.  She ended up saying that she hated me and didn’t want any contact with me again.  She called me lots of names by text and I ignored these.  If I reacted we would have an afternoon of arguing, which I could do without.  I was very upset and hurt and feel very disappointed in her.  I say this every day but I am not going to ignore her and hope she comes to her senses one day.  I am still getting pressure to return half the csa money to her dad.  I find this disgusting as there have been many times that he has missed the payment over the years. Anyway I am ignoring this again too.

Yesterday I sold the beauty box on eBay and am going to walk to the shop and post it.  I am terrible for taking ages to post items on eBay, which can end up in bad feedback.  So I am going to turn over a new leaf and post them the next day after I sell them.  That’s the plan anyway.

Yesterday I had my staples out of my back.  I asked the nurse at the treatment room and I had 12 staples.  She said they were looking good and were very neat.  I was told I needed to wait another 48 hours before I can have a bath.  I have never wanted a bath more before in my life.  I was worried this was going to hurt.  I just felt a pulling but no pain.  Thank goodness.

Anyway I am going to list some items of clothing on eBay today as I am really skint.  I have a back room full of clothes to sell. Another app which is good for selling clothes is Vinted.  I will do an article on this in the next few days

bye for now, speak tomorrow xxxx

ps.  My overthinking mind was at his best last night.  We were watching love Island and I said to my partner.  “If someone new came in the house would you chat her up.?”He said “I don’t know!!”I said “you what my answer would have been Not a chance”.  He laughed at me and said “shut up.  We aren’t in the love island house.  If you went in the house you would go to meet other people.  We aren’t in the house and never will be.  I have happy with you and no one else”.   There you go.  He is so patient and ignores my over thinking