If you are totally skint, like me at the moment.  Why not try listing you items on a number of online sites.  This blog post is for eBay . There will be a number of other blog posts for other options

Most people will have heard of eBay.  It’s an online auction site.  There are a number of options that you can use.  Buy it now, or a 1,3,5 or 7 day auction.  With buy it now you put the item on for say, a month and state the amount that you want to sell the item for.  If someone wants to buy the item, They click on it and pay the price that you have listed.  I do not tend to use, buy it now as it costs more to list the itlem.

I tend to use the auction option.  With my beauty boxes that I sell, I list the item for 24 hours.  Please see the link below of a beauty box that I have listed.  I use this option as there is usually a lot of interest in these boxes and I usually need the money fairly quickly, due to financial reasons

If I am listing clothes I usually list these at a fairly low start price to attract buyers and list for 3-5 days. If you list at say £0.99 there is no listing fee for the first 20 items.  You do pay a percentage of the price achieved to eBay.  Any items over the 20 that you list, you pay eBay £0.35.  I therefore tend to list 20 items a month, or only list the items that you are likely to get more money for at the £.0.35 list fee.  You pay the listing fee, where Buyers also pay the postage, so it’s up to you the option you put on your listing.  I usually charge £2.95, for 2nd class Royal Mail.  I sometimes add a small admin fee on the postage, which is for the cost of the postage bag, or padded envelope.  Sometimes buyers aren’t honest and say that they haven’t received the item.  If you haven’t had the item signed for you are unlikely to be able to prove that the item has been sent.  Therefore eBay will reimburse the buyer.  If you sell the item for a low price I usually take the risk and don’t get the item signed for.  Although you can increase your postage cost on your listing to cover this.  Buyers tend to look at the postage costs and may not bid if these are too high.

It can be quite exciting watching your listings.  You can look to see how many people have clicked on the item and the number of the watches,  you find that if you have downloaded the mobile app on your phone it pings all day, with bids.

Tips for listing items

  1.  Use Clear photos. If you item has a defect, photograph the defect so that buyers are fully aware and they won’t complain when they receive the item.  You can use more than one photo in the listing.  Good clear photos help to sell items.  If you have the EBay app on your phone this is easy to do.  If you don’t have the app it can be easily download from the App Store or an android store.
  2. Use a catchy heading.  I tend to put Designer in the title.  An example of a good heading is “ladies Designer next sequin evening top size 14”
  3. Give a good clear description of what you are selling.  List the brand, the size, whether  it’s new with tags BNWT or new without tags BNWOT or used.  If the item is used state the condition,  you have to be very careful if you list the item”in an excellent condition” as your excellent may be different to someone else’s.  I usually say if the item is in an excellent condition “in a good condition, worn only twice”, for example. I also put from a smoke free home, as I don’t smoke and if you don’t have pets, put a pet free house.  Some people who are buying worry that the item will smell.  If I have a number of items listed I also put “please check out my other items, I am having a clear out”
  4. Consider sending items internationally.  It will give you a larger market, but it can be hard work sending to another country and you need to make sure that you charge enough for postage, I have been caught out on this one before.
  5. you will need a PayPal account to accept the payment.  Please be aware that PayPal charge a fee for accepting money on your behalf.  Also if the buyer has a problem with the item they can lodge a dispute with PayPal and they put the money on hold until the dispute has been finalised.  This can cause a problem if you have drawn the money out of your account as your account becomes in effect over drawn and you can’t use PayPal to  pay for anything until you add funds, which can take a number of days.  Which can cause problems if you want to buy anything .

Feedback is something that is a rating of how many items you have sold and bought and that people 5ink of you as a buyer or seller.  Someone with 100% feedback and A high number of buys and sells is more attractive to buyers, as people know that they have a good reputation. Please be aware buyers can be hard work and they can give you bad feed back for next to nothing.  Don’t take it personally.  You can’t as a seller give a buyer bad feedback, which I really don’t agree with.

Anyway give it a try and see what you can make by selling items around the house that you do not use any more. It’s a great way to make cash and I hope this helps potential sellers on eBay. Below is a link to a beauty box I am selling.

Beauty box on eBay