Hello I am going into my third week off work now.  I am going to try and walk to the shop every day this week as this will speed up my recovery.  It’s hard work in a morning in this house, my son is a nightmare getting up.  We have to shout him at least 6 times.  I am lucky as I can’t drive at the moment so my boyfriend is having to take my son to school.  We live in a small village and the school bus has stopped running, so I need to take the children to school even though I work 20 minutes away,

I am having my staples out today.  I am quite nervous as I do not know whether it is going to hurt.   My boyfriend is finishing work early to take me.  I am very lucky to have him.

I put a beauty box on eBay last night.  I have had two bids and the listing ends tonight.  It’s a bit of extra money.  The bid is up to £5.50, which is a bargain as the make up / cosmetics are worth over £100.  The link to the cosmetics is below.  I am going to list some clothes today.  It can really help boost our money coming in to the house.


Anyway it’s just a short diary this morning.  See you later, speak tomorrow xxxxx

ps I wonder if I will hear from my daughter today not heard a word since she stayed on Friday night.