i love cosmetics and make up and I spend too much on beauty boxes. I used to get three boxes a month, but that was very expensive so I decided to cut it down to 2 boxes. I get a Birchbox which is £14.00 and a Cohorted box which is £35.00

There are lots of different brands and the cohorted box has premium brands like Mac and Nars. I go through the boxes and keep the items that I like, I place other items in a box to keep as presents and I have another box with items that I want to sell. I keep the old boxes which are of a good quality and place 10 items in the box. I look at the  RRP for the items and list these on eBay at a low start price of £4.50.

These boxes usually sell well and I usually have lots of watches. It’s a way of making money, having a stash of presents and having the make up and cosmetics that I want,

see below a link to the items that I am selling

Beauty box on eBay