I have changed the title of my daily diary as it’s boring the life out of me going on about my op.  No doubt it’s boring you too. So I am calling it simply daily diary.  I have added a sub title today, which is skint.  I will go into that in more detail later.

i am still not doing a lot we walked to the shop yesterday and watched football.  I enjoyed the Australia – France game and the Argentina – Iceland game.  The underdogs played really well.  We were both bored to tears by mid afternoon, so we watched Line of Duty which we started watching a ewe weeks earlier.  I will review the box set soon on my blog.

I went through my bills going out and money coming in and we have a week and 2 days till my boyfriend gets paid and I have more coming out of my account than I have coming in.  I am going to have to get on eBay later and do some surveys.  I also get beauty boxes every month.  I love getting these and have quite a few surplus cosmetics, which I give as presents or sell on eBay.  I keep the old empty beauty boxes and but some of the surplus cosmetics in and sell these as beauty boxes.  I tend to make abiut £10.  I am going to review the beauty boxes soon on here soon. I have also decided to write a weekly diary as to how I have saved money this week, to give you some ideas.

Thigs are tight for us as the moment,  I am not sure whether work are paying me for being off and my gas and electric company have added £100 a month to my direct debit.  I am therefore paying £240 a month.  I need to seriously make sure we are being careful with making sure the lights are turned off that we don’t need and televisions when we are not watching them.

I haven’t heard a word from my daughter since she went back to her Dads yesterday, I was quite upset as I felt like I had been used yesterday for a place to stay.  I feel a lot better today and will see how long it takes for her to contact me again,

Going to watch a film and list a few things on eBay.  Bye for now and speak tomorrow xxxx

ps.  I was awoken this  morning by boyfriends phone pinging and he got a message on Facebook.  I got all paranoid and was convinced it was a girl messaging.  I had to wake him up as my overthinking mind was doing overtime.  I said “your phone has just pinged.”.He said “oh I bet it’s my step mum, oh look so it is”.  He is very patient with me and knows how my mind over thinks.  It’s absolutley stupid, but I really can’t help myself.  I would love to be normal, but I am so lucky by boyfriend is so laid back and just ignores me and laughs.