Hello! It’s the weekend, although the weather is pretty miserable.  I am feeling a bit fed up.  I have now been off work for over 2 weeks now and it feels like an age.  I am a bit disappointed on the progress of my recovery.  I went to the doctors yesterday to pick a prescription. I felt terrible and really sick.  I ended up coming home and going to bed.  I was disappointed that it’s been too weeks and I don’t feel fit to leave the house.  I was on a bit of a downer last night and felt completely useless.

My daughter had her last day at school she said it went well.  She was going out after school,  they call it stand down where they all go and celebrate leaving school. She asked if she could sleep at my house.  I was really pleased as I thought she wanted to make up and come home.  Anyway this morning her dad picked her up and I think her staying was merely convenience as it was cheaper to get a taxi back here.  We had a little chat this morning and I think she has no intention in coming back and is looking for a holiday job in the town her Dad lives.  She was a,so talking about going to watch the England match in a pub with her Dad.  I have decided she must do what she wants she is 16 and she idolises her Dad.  He has done next to nothing to raise her and stare she is having to look after her because of my failings.  I just hope she realises what he really is, but I think she is brain washed. Anyway I need to let her go and she has to make her own mistakes as she is old enough now. It hurts but I can’t stand in her way.

Less of the doom and gloom. I am going to concentrate on getting better and watching the World Cup.

Bye for now speak tomorrow xxxx