Hello, it’s a hard day for me today. My daughter is leaving school today and sitting her last gcse and going in to the big world. I am struggling because she isn’t with me, but we are on better terms now and managed to talk without an arguemenr yesterday. She was having trouble at school with a group of girls, it’s been like this for a long time now. Anyway, I spoke to their parents although it didn’t go well. One particular girl has been ringing and hassling my daughter. I spoke to the girl and I can’t believe how rude teenagers are these days. She told me no one liked my fxxxing daughter. I would never have dreamed of speaking to an adult like that when I was younger, but they have no respect these days.

Any way back to the day I left the hospital. In the morning one of the nurses got me up so I could go to the toilet. It was a lot better that I expected. I was a bit dizzy but other than that fine. Then the Physio took me to walk up the steps and said that there were no exercised to do just walk and not to do too much. Also not to bend or stain myself. I then was allowed home. I was given a load of pain killers and my boyfriend drove me home. My house is about 20 minutes away and it was an uncomfortable journey. I had to keep my surgical socks of for a number of days to reduce the risk of blood clots. It was just time for me to rest and get back to normal.

I was worried as there were still pains in my legs and I was concerned that the operation hadn’t worked. I was reassured that this was normal as my nerves needed time to recover as they were probably swollen. Since then I still get pains but not as frequent. Unless I do too much, which I am trying not to.

My boyfriend came home from work yesterday and said he is going to take my phone and my son said and tie me to the bed. Obviously they are joking, but my boyfriend is getting fed up of me doing stupid things like loading the dishwasher, today I am going to listen as I don’t want the operation to be a waste of time.

Bye for now. Speak tomorrow xxxxx

Ps. The dogs drove me mad yesterday, hope they calm a bit down today