Hello, I have been in a bit of pain since yesterday I decided to cut down my pain killers as I thought I was better but it was just the pain killers masking the pain

Back to he day of the operation.  Once back in the room and he visitors had gone.  I realised I have inflatable pads on my legs that inflated every 5 seconds these were to stop blood clots and kept me awake all night.  As every time I dropped off I felt like someone was grabbing my legs.

Yhe nurse brought me some food after a couple of hours a sandwich and some ice cream.  This was the best sandwich I have ever tasted.  I had to drink my drink in a babies cup as I was bed bound and couldn’t sit up.

I also had to use a bed pan, which was embarrassing as they are really small and my bladder was full.  I nearly over flowed it.  The night went as a bit of a blur and I didn’t feel well as my blood pressure was a bit low.  The morphine didn’t agree with me and it made me feel sick and itch. I wasn’t  able to get out of bed until the morning.  I will talk about the day after surgery tomorrow.

my boyfriend has started a blog about our dogs and so have I it’s a bit of a completion as to who can get the most followers his page is Puggle trouble and my page is We love Puggles The life of a puggle my boyfiend is still designing his. Feel free to have a look.

bye for now speak tomorrow xxxxx