Hello, it’s day 13 after my op.  Yesterday work rang me 4 times, which drove me mad.   It got me all paranoid that they were mad that I was off and my over active mind had me sacked, in my brain only.  They were silly little problems that my colleague rang me about.  Anyway one of my other colleagues messaged me at night and said everything is fine and not to worry.  Now a normal person would take that as read, but my mind is still working over time, but maybe not as bad as yesterday morning.  I was even seriously considering going back to work early, which would have been a massive mistake.

Going back to the day of my operation, I walked down to the theatre and they lay me on a trolley.  I was then taken into the anaesthetic room.  I had to go through all my details and they then inserted a needle into my hand where the anaesthetic could be inserted.  They also put these pads around my ankles, I wondered what these were for, but didn’t ask.  They turned out to be the reason I didn’t sleep a wink that night.  The Anesthesiologist then hooked me up to a drip, at that stage I got a bit upset and started to panic about all the risks and what if I didn’t wake back up after the operation.  They were very caring and assured me that everything would be fine.  I then had a mask placed over my face.  I felt a bit woozy and dizzy and drifted off to sleep.  I looked at the clock and it was 1.30.

The next thing I remembered was I was waking up.  For some reason I had completely forgotten I was having an operation and I thought that I was at work.  Funnily enough I was quite relieved that I wasn’t.  I was confused and felt a great deal of pain in my back.  The nurse gave me some morphine and some anti sickness medication as I felt sick.  They then gave me some extra morphine as I said I was still in pain.  I then asked what time it was it was 4.30 I had been in the theatre for 1 hour and 50 minutes, which was a lot longer that the 45 minutes – 1 hour that they said the operation would take.  I was then wheeled up to my room.

Waiting for me in the room was my boyfriend and two children. It was lovely to see them and they stayed for about 15 minutes. I was very grateful when my boyfriend took then to their Dads as I wanted to rest in peace from my operation. My parents then arrived but again they only stayed for 10 minutes they just wanted to make sure that I was ok.

I will talk about the pain and my first night tomorrow.  Again I am under strict instructions not to do anything and my boyfriend said he is going to set up CCTV, if I don’t listen. Ha ha.

I let the dogs in the garden yesterday and they have to cross the back street Bailey, the puppy spotted another dog and ran off, he usually just plods into the garden no problem. Anyway I had to run up the street in my PJ’s and had to bend down and grab him.  I was panicking a bit as I was thinking I would need to pick him up.  He is heavy at the best of times.  I had to drag him back to the garden, which I shouldn’t really be doing.  Today I am going to be sure to have some gravy bones in my hand. As Bailey will do anything for gravy bones.

Bye for now, speak tomorrow xxxx