I thought I would update my blog today after my depressive post this morning.  Well I feel a lot better now.  My daughter came home after school and collected the bags she has packed and went to her dads. Last night she said in a rather cool way, “ I don’t know how long I am going for it maybe forever”.  Anyway I decided to stay upstairs and not go down and give either of them the chance to give any criticism.  As last night be said he is having her due to my failings.  The idiot. When she went I had a little cry.  On the plus side we have had a nice calm night, no arguments and no dramas.

My back seems a lot better tonight and I am going to try without some of the painkillers tomorrow. I want to see if it is actually improving. My dogs have kept me company today and they have snuggled with me on the bed.  We have also had an asda click and collect and now we can eat again.  It was that desperate.  I said to my son last night.  “I hope you aren’t going to leave me too.  He said I like it’s better here but my dad has more food”. Whoops I thought we had better do a shop.  The stupid thing I did last night was to order some food last night on the website thinking I get paid today, I got it wrong so I had to borrow some money off my dad, I get paid tomorrow. Think these pain killers are sending me dizzy, or is it just that I am blonde.

Off to bed now, watched my daily fix of Love Island, although I am not enjoying it as much as last year.  I said to my boyfriend tonight I am ready for going back to work now.  He said you haven’t even had a week and a half of yet, you have another 3 and a half weeks left, god help me. Plenty of time for my mind to work overtime.  Good night speak tomorrow xx

ps. I am going to update my survey list tomorrow