Hello, it’s very difficult writing this post today.  Me and my daughter have had issues for a number of months.  She has been very rude to me and abusive.  She has thrown food across the living room, hit me and been genuinely nasty.  It all culminated this week after I came out of hospital.  I think it’s an attention thing.  As I can’t take her anywhere or do anything for her she doesn’t have to be nice.  She is also jealous of the attention I have been getting, which sounds stupid but she has always had a problem and likes all the attention, if it was my sons birthday she would always play up because the attention was on him.  Anyway this Thursday she came in my room raging and threw a pint of water over me and my boyfriend anyway a massive argument followed and she went to her dads

Over the weekend many arguments followed and yesterday she packed her things and she is going to live with her dad.  Her Dad and I do not have a great relationship and she blames me for everything that happens with the children rather than thinking I have done a good job. I feel heartbroken but I have to let her do this as things can’t go on the way they have been.  She is 16 and is old enough to make her own mistakes and I have to leave her to do this.  I really hope she finds happiness.

Its a difficult time as I am still struggling after my operation and she has one week of her gcse’s left and she finishes school on Friday. I should be there for this as I have brought her up on her own since she was 2, but she has shut me out and I hope she will realise her mistakes and contact me again.

I will return to talking about the operation and I hope things will be more positive tomorrow.