Completing paid surveys is a way to boost your families income.  It is possible to earn up to £200 a month. Completing surveys can be time consuming but it’s an easy way to earn some extra cash. Whether your a stay at home parent or just wanting to earn some extra money in an evening. I have signed up for a number of sites.  Some are better than others.  This is a list of the ones that I find to be the best. I will add to this list so please keep checking for updates

  1.  Prolific

Surveys with Prolific you take part in scientific studies from researchers around the world.  You can even help by testing apps and games.  I find the studies really interesting and fun to complete.  You can cash out once your earnings are £5.00, which is quite easy to make and find out the fee for the survey before you complete it.  The money can be paid into your PayPal account or you can even donate it to a charity


Click on this link to register

2.  YouGov

YouGov is a community of 4 million people around the world who share their views .  YouGov analysis all the information and publish the findings everyday on their database The YouGov Cube.  The surveys are really interesting and you usually can get 50 points for completing a survey and usually you have one that you can do every day.  The only draw back is you can not cash out until you have earned £50.00, which may take a while, but it’s a great way to save money.  You can use your points to buy entries into a prize draw.

Click on the link to register for YouGov

3.  Global Test Market

Global Test Market is a paid survey site.  Like most other survey sites you can download an app to your phone.  The iPhone app is called Life points.  The surveys are fun and the points build up pretty quickly.  You can choose to be paid by vouchers for various organisations such as Amazon or by PayPal.  You need 500 points for a £5 credit.


Sign up free for Global test market

4.  Viewsbank

Viewsbank is an online community where you exchange opinions by completing surveys.  It is owned by Consumer Infelligence a research company.  The rewards are usually good and when you decide to take a survey you are clearly told the reward before starting the survey.  You can cash out when you receive £12.00 and it will be transferred into your PayPal account.  The on,y drawback is that the surveys are few and far between.

Free link to viewsbank sign up

5. Branded Surveys

Branded surveys uses a points system for cash payouts. You need to obtain 1000 points to cash out and you usually get about £5 paid into your PayPal account.  Every survey you can obtain 50-100 points.  They send lots of survey invitations every day and therefore the points add up very quickly.  Even if you don’t qualify for a survey they reward you with 5 points.  This is one of my favourite sites


Sign up free today for Branded Surveys link

6. Vivatic

Vivatic is another survey site.  It is unlike the other sites and it lists the best surveys that the have at the moment and how much you will obtain for completing these.  It also lists links for other money making ideas.  You need to earn £20 to cash out and this is quite easy to do. 5B0C3A26-9467-48AF-9CAC-CD64501D1204.png

Free link to sign up to vivatic