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Overthinking is a nightmare. Due to a back operation I have too much time on my hands and too much time to think. This is how I deal with it and survive

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Another Beautiful day


How to pick your true love

What a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky


Daily diary – I feel like a weight has been lifted Prom day is finally here

Hello , Prom day has finally arrived.  I can breathe. Today wasn’t the best start.  I had struggled to sleep.  I had been waking up every hour I think it’s been the falling out with my daughter that has really upset me.  I finally nodded off about 5 am ish.  At 7.10 am the  lawn mowers came out.  There is a school next to the house and the grass gets earlier every week.  I am  sure there must be a time when it is too early to cause noise. Anyone know the rules?

Well after a few stroppy texts from my daughter we finally arranged for me to go and see my daughter in her prom dress.  It made my day as I would have been upset if I hadn’t been able to go, by the way she looked stunning and told me she loved me and hugged me,  it meant the world.

It’s a relief that we can all go back to living now the prom is over.  It’s all been about my daughter and her time.  It’s been ridiculous really.  My daughter has managed to get a part time job collecting glasses at a local pub.  I am hoping it will show her the value of money now she finally is earning it.  I just hope now we can build our relationship and one day hopefully she can come back and live with us.  I think we are too alike.  I was a nightmare as a teenager and hated my mum for years.  I suppose it’s what you call Khama.

Its mine and my boyfriends one year since he moved in  we weren’t together tooo much before and I will tell you that story one day.  It’s a lovely story and I never thought I would feel so happy and in love with anyone. I thought that love wasn’t real in a relationship and people pretended to the outside that everything was great, but inside the relationship was abusive and full of hate as that was what I had always felt before.  I was wrong. Love is real and it’s amazing when it happens to you.

I sold a lot of old clothes on eBay today ans made £120,00 I am really pleased as this will help out. It’s very easy to do and I am going to list some more tonight.

On that note good night. Speak to you tomorrow xxxxxx


It’s called exchange day in my house

Recommendation – John Frieda 7 Day Volume

If you are anything like me and have very fine hair you will try any product you can to make it feel thicker, fully and more manageable.  My boyfriend describes my hair as being like candy floss.  It has taken me years  to find a product that I like and makes my hair feel thicker and John Freda 7 day volume is it.  I got it first of all as a sample in a beauty box that I receive monthly and used it and loved the results.  I have bought many bottles since but the £10.00 price tag was off putting.  I have found the product on offer in Morrisons and Tesco and there is currently a promotion in Tesco that you can buy 3 products for the price of 2.  Which would work at £6.66 each.  I have bought it at Morrison’s before for £4.00 so be sure to shop around.

Durections for use

  1.  You should wash and condition your hair as normal and when finished squeeze out any excess water.
  2. While still in the shower apply 3-4 pumps of the product and leave the product to set for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Then wash the product out and style as normal.
  4. Allow 3-4 washes before the next treatment

Please see below a picture of the product and an offer that I have found at Superdrug which is slightly cheaper. Give the product a try.  Please provide your comments below once you have tried it.




This jumped out at me this morning and is exactly how I feel

Hardly slept a wink –

Not every day is a good day

I am actually a lot stronger than I look and you think

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